The 3rd annual 710 Degree Cup was a huge gathering of patients, caregivers, dispensaries, and active cannabis reform organizations like NORML’s Arizona chapter located here in Phoenix. The purpose of why the cup was created is to help patients get safe access to clean and consistent medicine in Arizona. It’s an amazing event where local dispensaries have their cannabis products “secret shopped” tested by a lab and then judged by volunteers for different categories and characteristics that patients need to treat their specific illnesses. Different cannabis strains produce different medicinal benefits and provide different healing effects. Our purpose at the Errl Cup was to meet as many patients as possible in order to introduce them to our organization, what we do and how we help serve the cannabis community. It was an amazing event and we were able to reach hundreds of new patients. Here are some photos from the event.


Protect The Patients : Educating Patients of their rights.     NORML: Working for Marijuana Law Reform

Kayt, Jennifer & Jen

NORML Merchandise


Lines for as far as the eye can see

Legends Event center Entrance

Getting patients the information they need about reform

The room was a buzz with patients

Helpful, friendly staff all around

Jack and Mikel

Joint rolling contestants

Smiling for the camera