We are so glad to have seen so many happy faces at this years Southwest Cannabis expo. Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Norml Az’s booth was always filled with eager people willing to learn about the community and what Norml stands for. Mikel Weisser, State Director of Norml Az spoke at Herbal Risings Cannabis Class on October 15th at the SWCE.


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Pictures courtesy of StaffMMJ and Herbal Risings.


The next day on the 16th, Mikel stopped by the classroom area to help fill in some guitar for the Herbal Risings talent show. In the video is the singer, Cloud 9.

again to speak to wondering ears about the extended version of History of Cannabis.  14794133_1112400068841538_1703655027_n 14801027_1112400145508197_1586642674_n 14805584_1112400128841532_1234677681_n14740990_1112400218841523_1008321948_n

Peter Wilson, former State Director of Norml stopped by and spoke a few words.

Here are a few things I found around the expo that I would like to share with you!

Baked Bros Seminar

Cornucopia speaking on the importance of edibles!




















Hailee Olshavsky, writer and editor with Normls State Director, Mikel Weisser. Thank you Mikel for taking the time to take some pictures.

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