NORML Meeting Notes 7.3.18


The meeting started with Executive Director Mikel Weisser going over the Emergency Concentrates public forum from the day prior. He noted that America is watching what’s going on here in Arizona, as Leafy published Mikel’s article on the concentrate crisis that morning!

Tom Dean spoke next about the court of appeals unfortunate decision, explaining that they’re developing strategy for appealing, and that we first must get the Arizona Supreme Court to look at the ruling, then reverse it, however we’re a year away from such, meaning for now this is the decision/law. He explained that this law defines extraction/separation, including mechanical and chemical separation, illegal. He assured that as of now it seems unlikely people will be specifically targeted, but to be careful when going through security screenings as vape pens and such could be confiscated, and dab rigs and batteries could be considered paraphernalia. He reminded us that even if we are “busted,” ultimately they just have to provide reasonable doubt. Mikel emphasized that this is something that can be won and shouldn’t be feared, as logic, science, language, and the times are on our side.


Chapter Deputy Director Jennifer Gote spoke next regarding the Protect the Patients program, which turned the tables in the Navajo County case and has the potential to do such for future cases, particularly with the new industry defense fund. She reminded us education is essential and gave us important safety tips:

Don’t let your card expire.

Don’t buy for other people.

Be aware of surroundings.

Keep your bag sealed and stapled when you leave a dispensary.

Stay calm and be respectful to law enforcement.  

Don’t smoke and drive.

Reach out to NORML hotline if needed.

Jim Morrison spoke about the Errl Cup, explaining that they took away concentrates from the event because by law when state of Arizona ruled at appellate level it made concentrates illegal and they don’t want to put patients at risk. He also Medicate Designate

Mikel then gave us some National Norml Updates, such as Oklahoma legalizing medical marijuana access, new research disproving the myth of low birth weights from smoking while pregnant, Utah securing medical cannabis on the ballot, record cannabis legalization approval ratings among the population, and the Texas GOP party reforming their platform on MMJ!

Chapter Secretary Maddy Grey gave an update on the surveys given to local candidates regarding their positions on Marijuana. 30 politicians responded, the majority with progressive positions, making us very optimistic!

Event coordinator Todd Gilchrist reminded us of the Chronicle 7/10 pool party happening Saturday, 7/7/18 at Arrowhead Town Center, and LEAP partner Jack Wilborn ended the meeting by updating us on the Autism Administrative Appeal, which featured numerous parent testimonies and was offered to be taken to the Supreme Court by Sonia Martinez.