Erase Your Criminal Record

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What Is “Expungement”?

A fancy word for erasing all records of your low-level marijuana arrest and/or conviction. When you “expunge” your records, they get sealed, and no prying eyes will be able to find out about your past (and entirely unjust) conviction or arrest. Want opportunities you were wrongly denied? This is your chance for a clean slate.

Do You Qualify?

Have you been arrested in Arizona for a low-level marijuana offense? You are in luck! Prop. 207 lets people expunge all traces of the following offenses from their records:

  • Possessing, consuming, or transporting 2.5 ounces or less of marijuana;
  • Possessing, consuming, or transporting 12.5 grams or less of concentrates;
  • Possessing, transporting, cultivating, or processing 6 or fewer marijuana plants;
  • Possessing, using, or transporting marijuana paraphernalia.

Not sure? It’s the government’s job to prove you got busted with more.

Why Should You Care?

Low-level marijuana offenses are fundamentally unjust. They result from harmless behavior that is now legal, but the offenses still follow people for a lifetime, causing landlords to reject housing applications, limiting opportunities to receive state licenses, and leading many employers to deny jobs to otherwise qualified applicants.

How Does Expungement Work?

There are generally three steps to filing your “petition” for expungement with a court:

  1. Get a copy of your criminal record, either through a records request with the Department of Public Safety (recommended) or using the courts’ Public Access Case Lookup tool;
  2. Draft a petition using our tool below; and then,
  3. File your petition with the court at no cost.

Once your petition is filed, the government will have only 30 days to oppose it in court, and to stop your chance at a second shot, the government must prove by “clear and convincing evidence” that you are not eligible for expungement.

Have questions? Visit one of our legal clinics and speak with a licensed attorney for free!

Arizona NORML Director of Politics Julie Gunnigle and volunteer attorney Kent Berk meet with clinic attendees.

Start Your Expungement Petition

Arizona NORML can help you file your petition for expungement. Our self-service center is designed for you to enter your information and then our automated system will email you a petition to file. You will generate one petition for each of your arrests/cases. The process takes less than 15 minutes for each petition, so grab your documents and let’s get started.

First, you will enter your contact information into our Google Form. Then, you will provide basic criminal history information like your case number (available through the public access case lookup tool and listed on court documents) as well as which law enforcement agency arrested you (e.g., Phoenix Police Department). Next, an additional screen will ask you for optional details about your arrest and case like when you were arrested, if your charges were dismissed, when you were convicted, etc. Don’t remember these details? No problem! They are optional. Finally, you will review and check some declarations that will appear on your petition, and then you will receive a copy of a fully completed petition in your email inbox! All you need to do is print it, review it, sign it, and drop by the courthouse where your case was heard to see the clerk and file your petition(s).


Location Date & Time
Oasis Cannabis at Doubletree Hilton – 1011 W Holmes Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210 Sat., Dec. 4, 2021 @10am-4pm
Nature’s Medicines – 2439 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009 Sun., Dec. 5, 2021 @10am-4pm
Oasis Cannabis at Doubletree Hilton – 1011 W Holmes Ave, Mesa, AZ 85210 Mon., Dec. 6, 2021 @5-8pm
Camp Verde Parks & Recreation Dep’t, Room 204 – 395 S. Main St., Camp Verde, AZ 86322 Sat., Dec. 11, 2021 @10am-5pm
Bradshaw Mountain High School Library – 6000 Long Look Dr., Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 Sun., Dec. 12, 2021 @10am-5pm
Oasis Cannabis in Remote Pinal County Sat., Dec. 18, 2021 @10am-4pm

*** Note: Although our clinics generally run for 4-6 hours, your visit should take only 10-20 minutes. ***