Here are handy ways you can aid in the push:

  • Become a working volunteer member of Arizona NORML. We’re only asking two hours a month. If you can’t schedule that, become a supporting or sustaining member and your extra $$ will help keep our operations going. Here are 19 other ways you can help:

  • Wearing your national NORML tee-shirt in public whenever, wherever possible.It is an amazingly effective way to promote education and will lead to exciting, positive teaching and sharing experiences you would not imagine.  Get your State Chapter Tee-Shirts!

  • Letter writing and phone calls to your local media and elected officials as well as to state and federal officials.

  • Testifying and advocating at state legislature.

  • Contributing material to our website.

  • Hosting an awareness event in your home or in your community.

  • Creating a 420-friendly entertainment event in your community.

  • Attending and staffing demonstrations and events in the PHX area.

  • Representing NORML and the cannabis reform community at public events and debates.

  • Manning a NORML booth at community events.

  • Collecting signatures for the various ballot cannabis measures in AZ.

  • Volunteering with other cannabis reform groups.

  • Dedicating social media time to sharing updates on NORML, AZ-NORML and cannabis reform.

  • Connecting us to your family and friends so we can expand our reach.

  • Attending our monthly meetings in the PHX metro area.

  • Attending local political meetings or elected officials’ meetings to advocate for cannabis reform.

  • Taking leadership position in organizing and training others in your area after you’ve worked with us a while.

  • Starting or mentoring new local NORML chapters.

  • Take a leadership role in the state chapter.

  • Making $5 recurring monthly donation to AZ-NORML to keep us operating.

If you’re interested, contact our Communications Director, Ryan Wilson:
ryanw@arizonanorml.org, OR, (480) 625-5862

Everyday another 35 Arizonans are arrested on cannabis charges, over thirteen thousand by the end of the year and each case is another appalling injustice. People often ask me what can we do? Well, actually, a lot of things.

There are things we can do to fight back. There are things YOU can do to fight back. We can change the story by out-organizing, out-acting, out-networking our opposition, by being big enough and loud enough to overcome the reefer madness. I know often the road ahead seems impossible, but you can see how far we’ve come already.

Whether you become a member of AZ-NORML or not, you can do some version of some of these things on your own without using the NORML name. (But really, you ought to join. It’s fun.) Together we’re stronger.

THX again for your interest in NORML and for your patience as we revitalize AZ-NORML to face the challenge of making marijuana better every day, in every way possible.

For Further Information Please Reach Out!