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Hello Fellow Cannabis Ambassadors,

We are incredibly excited to be hosting our 2022 virtual lobby week next week!  We truly appreciate your willingness to join us.  We will be hosting two trainings this weekend and we strongly encourage you to attend at least one of those trainings.  We will use the trainings to preview lobby week and all of its entrails.  We can confidently state that we will have you fully prepared for a big week of lobbying fun once you attend one of the trainings.  This training will occur on Sunday, February 6th at 2:00 PM.

Here’s the Zoom link:


We’ve attached a lobby week cue sheet with the bills we’ll discuss and some general information. We’ve also attached a word document of our 2020 General Election Candidate Guide so that you can see how we graded your legislators with respect to their positions on marijuana.  Lastly, we’ve attached the schedule of lobby meetings that we have already arranged.

We’d love to have you attend as many meetings as possible. We’d particularly revel in you attending meetings with your specific legislators if we were able to schedule them.  Here’s a district locator if you have forgotten your district:


We do want to reiterate that you are welcome to attend any meeting that is scheduled.  The more people that we have in each meeting demonstrates to the legislators that we are both strong and united.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we’ll see you in the trainings over the weekend!

Thanks again and here’s to an incredibly successful lobby week!

2020 General Election Candidate Guide

Arizona NORML 2022 Lobby Week Cue Sheet

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