Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am writing this quick note to thank our brand-new sponsors, Arizona Nature’s Medicine and Phoenix Cannabis Company. Last week at the monthly Arizona Industry Trade Association, store manager Traci Black presented us with a major donation to assist with our operations. One of Arizona’s original and most successful dispensaries, their operations now include dispensaries in both Pennsylvania and Maryland. Principal owner, Mark Steinmetz, has worked with the activist community here in AZ for years and is a leader in the Arizona Dispensary Association. In addition, with the success of the “Nature’s” brand, Steinmetz has been able to branch out and create a separate cannabis brand, Phoenix Cannabis Company that provides quality cannabis to dispensaries across Arizona.


As a statewide organization, AZ-NORML does outreach in all four corners of the state including Phoenix. Besides holding our monthly meetings to update the public, our chapter hosts a cannabis hotline for defendants and patients in crisis, coordinates cannabis support groups literally in every corner of the state and has a continuing significant presence in state politics. Last legislative session, our chapter worked on fourteen different pro-cannabis bills and were centrally involved in drafting six of those. Our voters guide for the most recent election was profiled by both the Phoenix New Times and as the go-to resource for cannabis politics. It’s a dizzying array and it’s for the public good. But it isn’t free. Travel expenses, printing expenses, utilities, tabling costs, it’s the sheer cost of doing business. This generous donation will help keep the doors open for now. Your donations and sponsorships can help guarantee we continue fighting for cannabis freedom.

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