HB2067: URGENT TAKE ACTION: Protect Your Doctors

HB2067 targets and harasses Physicians + Certification Clinics that provide evaluations for Medical Marijuana patients. HB2067 makes it a Class 6 Felony to incorrectly recommend a patient for a medical card. The vague language of this bill opens a space for local authorities and the courts to harass certification centers and Cannabis Doctors into extinction. There is already an adequate system of checks and balances to punish doctors that do not comply with state regulations.

Want to help protect the Cannabis Doctors and Certification Clinics who certify your evaluations? Just as a reminder, until Arizona is in full legalization status, the medical marijuana program is the only protection citizens have against marijuana prosecution. Without Cannabis Doctors and Certification Centers, it is possible our medical program could collapse.

You can take action to protect Arizona’s Doctor’s and Certification Clinics by encouraging decision makers to vote NO on HB2067. Contact your State Legislators and State Senators , or your Representatives RIGHT NOW. There is no time to wait.

As Citizens, we do not have the power to vote on this particular bill.

We have a couple of days to urge the decision makers in our state to VOTE NO on HB2067.

Certification Clinics and Doctors such as Affordable Evaluations of Arizona have requested the support of AZ MMJ Patients and Advocates. Help your MMJ physician and write your representative by sending an Open Letter to your Legislators/Senators/Representatives.

“Alright #AZ patients and medical marijuana advocates. Yet again, there is a dangerous Bill making its way to become a Law, and it could make things very difficult for getting or even renewing your medical marijuana card in Arizona. We are asking all of our patients to reach out to their State Legislators/Senate/House representatives immediately to squash this Bill before it can progress any further,” Affordable Evaluations of Arizona

Copy and paste template letter below, or create your own.

Step 1: Click to find your district

Step 2: Check these lists to find the Senator or House Rep that lines up with your District Number.

Click for Senate Roster 

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Step 3: Email your Reps from the Senate and House with the template below. For best results, take the time to customize or add personal stories about how your Medical Marijuana Doctor or Clinic have helped you. Talk about the therapeutic benefits of Marijuana or how your life has been impacted by medicinal cannabis.


An Open Letter to Copy and Paste/Edit/Customize:

Subject: Vote No on HB2067


I am writing you today to ask you to Vote No on HB2067 for several reasons. At a time when our state is drowing with the opioid crisis, our focus needs to be on creating new avenues that allow people to explore alternative treatments and potentially avoid a life of addiction and pain. Currently, the Medical Board of each respective Physician type has checks and balances in place to punish current Physicians and educate future Doctors, that may be improperly providing Certifications. This Bill could deter current and future Physicians from providing Marijuana Recommendations to their patient population in whole, out of fear that the wrong interpretation of this new bill could severely change the course of their professional and personal life.

In a study between 1997 to 2014 researchers from The University of California San Diego found hospitalization rates of people suffering from pain killer abuse and addiction dropped on average 23 percent in states that offered medical marijuana. Our Medical Marijuana Program and Physicians are helping to create an opioid free future for Arizona. It will not benefit the population of Arizona to take steps backwards, when the time for progress is now.

Please take the time to consider this and Vote No on HB2067 for the health of our citizens.