There is so much more than my ability allows to write about in this last few days before Election Day, but here’s a go at it. Get some coffee, perhaps you better make it a pot lol, like I said before I don’t do short stories well.

I was honored to be asked to attend the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo and it was a blast, loved seeing all of the many who stopped by the NORML booth to visit, and even got to sit for a while with advocate and Arizona NORML founder Peter Wilson, he even brought his original Marijuana Tax Stamps to show. I enjoyed showing off some of my photos and hopefully enabled people to become a bit more informed. We even got to clown around a bit when a fellow activist brought by one of the biggest joints I ever seen, it even lit up, Ahhh the temptation, well as you can guess it wasn’t real, other than real cool.   I’m thankful to have met so many like-minded, as well as those who surprisingly stated they were still on the fence from so much disinformation. I recognize it isn’t over until it’s over and in this article I’m going to give my 2 cents preaching to the choir, you know, to those whom many believe are the root of so many still on the fence. But before I get into any of that;


I have not been a fan of Pinal County attorney Lando Voyles on the issue of Marijuana prohibition, and did support Challenger Kent Volkmer who defeated him in the primary for that reason. I haven’t been a big fan of Mr. Volkmer from another area of advocacy I’ve been involved in. However I was at least pleased to hear Mr. Volkmer made statements to Arizona NORML director Mikel Weisser that he was not a big fan of prop 205 but supported legalization. This was a matter of great news in comparison to Lando Voyles stance and belief on the subject. I previously wrote about Kent Volkmers voters having faith he would take a different approach as his opponent. I as well made statements to those coming to the NORML booth at the conference that we now have a County Attorney in Pinal county that believes in legalization of Cannabis and now it appears I may have egg on my face. I’m now troubled and perplexed to hear Mr. Volkmer making statements that appear he hasn’t even read prop 205? Check out the YouTube link below called Spotlight Kent Volkmer;

Mr. Volkmer stated the possession limit of prop 205 would be 2 ½ oz, the possession limit under prop 205 isn’t 2 1/2 oz as he claims it’s clearly 1 oz. 2 ½ oz’s is the possession limit under prop 203 for medical use. Under prop 205 for recreational use, “possession” outside of home (that isn’t home grown) is easily understood to be 1 oz and less if in addition to concentrates.

Mr. Vokmer claims there will be interpretation problems as to how much can be kept off home grown plants and infers that the 2 ½ oz cannot be exceeded, of which makes no sense on 2 counts. First again the amount isn’t 2 ½ for possession in the first place and the second is common sense that there is no way 6 plants would only generate 1 oz, or even the 2 ½ he implies. He even alluded to that not making sense, home growing of 6 plants enables additional amounts of “marijuana” produced and processed from those plants in whatever amount that is. That is in my interpretation of course and that is what we have, individual interpretation and reading between the lines his statements mean that he will arrest those who do not believe as he does, we must demand he explain his rationale.

The law clearly states 36-2860 A-2 Posses and transport not more than 6 marijuana plants and posses, produce, or process not more than 6 marijuana plants at the persons place of residence for personal use and posses the marijuana produced by the plants at the place of residence for personal use and possess the marijuana produced by the plants on the premises where the plants were grown”

Now I’m not an Attorney and I’m only giving my personal interpretation for myself herein this writing for disclaimer sake, but this measure did use attorneys in drafting prop 205. Taking that into account and my interpretation as a layman, long time advocate with a documented history of proving attorneys wrong as I believe will be the case here. I believe the average citizens common sense compiled with the definition of marijuana (all parts of the plant with THC higher than .03% THC) in prop 205 is that; Outside of your home you can posses 1 oz or less. In your home, you can keep whatever you produce off those small number of plants so long as it is under lock and key as well as other precautions.

If Mr. Volkmer wishes to throw tons of money and valuable time at his interpretation so be it, but I’d wager the high court will conclude my “personal” layman’s belief I present here correct and that is also the spirit of the law. I would also wager he would also become a one term County Attorney if that is his stance. Politicians had better realize that MJ voters are now shaping politics; I hope we didn’t make a bad decision supporting this candidate.


An inspiring Story

A story I wish to write more at length about in the future is regarding a young boy and a conversation I had with his father. While talking with a lady at the NORML booth, a gentleman and his boy caught my eye, standing to my left side. The lady kept informing me about her goal of building a hospital, her funding plight and what advice or referral I could possibly give her to ease her economic concerns. I kept looking at this father patiently waiting to the side to speak with me, he kept waiting and waiting as I was trying to wind down the lengthy conversation in front of me. My attention kept glancing to my left again, and again holding out my hand to signal to the father my intent to speak with him. He kept patiently waiting as I again attempted to wind down the conversation. His well-behaved son patiently playing on a notebook device standing at his side for so long was impressive.


Eventually he came forward and we chuckled as I apologized stating he must be the biggest fan of NORML there is to not walk away. Soon he began to inform me he wished to share his son’s story of the profound positive impact of the boy’s use of MMJ for his disability. His story included fear of taking his special needs child out of home schooling and to place him into public school. Though the young man has received profound benefits from MMJ for his conditions, so much so, his father felt he would benefit in public school, he asked what I thought.   We continued discussing his fear of the education system and stories I shared of Child Services positions of past. I could only reply my belief was that we haven’t moved far enough in a safe direction for me to suggest it be wise and take a chance of a Teacher or anyone else triggering a Child services investigation, even though he was within the guidelines of Prop 203.

He stated they consider moving to Colorado, I offered to tell his family story under the veil of unanimity if he so wished. Meeting this young man and father has been on my mind and they are in my prayers, of which we should all offer. I now find another path of advocacy In need to peruse in addition to Child Services and that is the Department of Education, perhaps we can find a solution with everyone on board. This will be the topic of future writings for sure.

On to the Presidential Election side of things, some of us will be happy and some of us will be bummed in just a few days lol. To be true to my word, the update on my letter to Donald Trump is that I still haven’t heard back from the Trump camp, officially anyway. Originally upon confirmation of the letter from the Trump team, it was immediately stated someone would contact me in a few days and I’ve made further attempts with no reply. I was confronted at the Southwest Cannabis Conference by an articulate, older, well dressed man who reported to know Mr. Trump personally. He was quite upset with Trumps “D” rating in handouts I was passing out at the NORML table. I cited I was Republican and referenced the Trump letter of which was officially received. I stated if he has some political pull to have a representative respond with something official. He went on to state Trump stated he would bring federal law into compliance with State law. I obviously would be tickled if that was an official statement however I cannot confirm it’s authenticity.

The most encouraging statements I have found from Donald Trump on the subject come from a Nevada 10/29/2015 rally in which trump was asked “what are you going to do for legalizing marijuana if people are going to follow all of the rules 100% legally, Federally” Trump responded to the massive crowd;


“The marijuana thing is such a big, such a big thing, I think medical should happen right, don’t we, I mean I think so. And then I think, I really believe we should leave it up to the states, it should be a state-by-state situation. Because you know you have, like I just left Colorado and I love Colorado and the people are great, but there’s a question as to how it’s all working out there you know, it’s not going exactly trouble free.


I really think that we should study Colorado, see what’s happening but, I believe that the legalization of marijuana other than for medical because I think that medical, you know I know people that are very, very sick and for whatever reason the marijuana really helps them, it really helps them. But I think in terms of marijuana I think and legalization, I think that should be a State issue State by State.”


Now as I stated at the SWC conference Trumps “D” wasn’t about his statements particularly, it’s who surrounds him like Christy, Pence, Rudi Giuliani, and if anything happens to Trump Pence decides. That’s a team of prohibitionists and likely disinformation coming at Trump in meetings. There is another issue I’ll get to in a moment regarding what trump could mean by “States Rights”.


The recent Podesta files from Wikki leaks regarding Cannabis illuminate the importance and support of the majority of citizens and now politicians are being forced to take note. As a registered republican, I will say Hillary’s “B” rating stands even with Wikki Leaks recent posts, now I know there is much more to this race than this one issue. But I expected to see some smoking gun only to see evidence she is preparing for the National court of public opinion. I wish we could have seen something on Trump from Wikki, it should be a driving factor for all politicians but isn’t quite yet.


I realize many believe there is little chance of change at congress this next presidential term, once again for the record, I disagree. As with Donald Trump on legalization he is firm on MMJ, no doubt, as he has not faltered on that topic. However his stance on immigration of following Federal law and forcing those to leave the U.S. until such time as to comply with federal law is troubling as it may be a sticking point in the ointment. The question will arise as to how he could force the strict compliance with Federal Law with regards to immigration but not with MMJ or recreational use.


The devil you know

Is better than

the devil you don’t



There is an uneasy feeling I have taking about one of the following stories I’m writing about today and going to save that topic for last but feel it needs to get out in the open and that’s regarding the MJ infighting over a bone that may be snatched away if we don’t play our cards right. Also I met a fellow advocate I’d like to give props to as well, in addition sprinkle in a bit more of the Compassionate side of prop 205. I’ve been hitting it hard on the social media commentary cites, at least as hard as I can under my circumstances I’ll now address.


I’ve been dealing with pain issues for so many years I’ve written about previously and when a new one cuts into the mix like my wrist or sciatica switches sides, it throws me off, especially without being able to tame it with the MMJ distractive therapy. There is an analogy I use to explain to newcomers how I manage chronic pain, I think of it like my Grandma K’s chocolate cream pie. She would make one for me when I was in my youth, I’d eat the whole thing in one sitting, gone, bam!! Well years later and type 2 diabetes set in I could only eat one slice of pie at a time as opposed to the whole thing; it’s the same with chronic pain. I read somewhere that if someone consumes MMJ immediately after a mental trauma a person adjusts much better, particularly prevention of PTSD. Many are unaware that PTSD can also be caused by Chronic Pain. I have a hard time describing the void of medicinal side of Cannabis in my life now, It’s like an ingredient is missing in Grandmas pie, I still enjoy the slice but it’s just not the same.


The key to coping with disability is keeping the mind distracted, MMJ reduces pain but also distracts, allows you to focus on a hobby for example and the reason new evidence shows those who consume MMJ with disabilities are more productive at work. Some strains are more distractive than others, my specialty and favorite was Sativa, I had a strains when licensed by the State to cultivate called “One hit wander”, A guitar player friend with some neck problems said “you aughta name this shit tweeker weed”. As the name states one hit of “One hit wander” and you were up and doing things. Exercise is important and it certainly aided in that as well, Cannabis can rob some of ambition in life it’s said, but can also give back ambition as well. It’s the same as it being said it’s a gateway drug of which if it were true, would be a two way street that can lead the disabled away from opiates. About everything negative they say about Cannabis always seems to be backwards.


The lord has granted me many talents of which for me lessens the mental impact of losing the ability to fully pursue them and some of which have became extinct. An old artist friend on the Gila River Indian Community name Bernard use to call me Jack, as in “Jack of all trades” another friend called me “Crocodile Dundee of Gila River” lol. I led a very active life, Founding captain of Pinal county Sheriffs department volunteer search and rescue desert survival team, Combat shooting circuit, primitive survival skills instructor, martial arts, mountain climbing, all one by one gone as my congenital condition progressed, but such are the seasons of life anyway as one gets older. Making contributions to society is the most important and for the majority of my life consuming Cannabis I have made many that I’m satisfied with and carry no shame for it’s use.


I remember talking with my close friend Howard as if it were yesterday, he wasn’t adjusting well from failed back surgery, I told him about that pie analogy, he could find ways to enjoy the things he did but no longer for as long or the same manner. I gave him an example of his being a world class bow maker and I cherished a bow of his I had but couldn’t pull it back any longer. I asked him if he could make it easier for me to pull and even with that I could still only shoot it a few times, but of those times its heaven, especially to still hit the target. He said he had no idea all that I went through adjusting to post surgical failed back syndrome, he thought the surgery would restore him to the mountain man he was previously. You can learn to savor a slice of that pie, and come back for little more I explained. The pain on his face diminished as the Cannabis kicked in, he smiled and seemed convinced it was a viable plan.


Now I’m trying to adjust again but without the aid of Cannabis, just typing and a knot builds in my neck, my lifelong passion of playing guitar has been a major outlet of expression, dealing with it’s loss is like the loss of a family member. I look on the bright side and sing to the car radio for the wife and kids, but when driving alone, it sparks memories of the stage and band mates, this is a thing that alcoholism and drug addiction is made of for so many I’ve known and lost. I feel like a parent who has lost their child, I know I must move on, I’m an expert in this field of pain, I thought… There my guitars sit in their cases like ventriloquist dolls, every once in a while my subconscious ignoring them, walking by them, day in, day out, is broken and I stare at the dust piling up on the cases.


An amazing recording artist friend of mine calls each month, “ me and the guys are getting together, love for you to come jam or just hang out”. The calls continue, I reply, “ill see if I can make it”. The last couple years abstaining from MMJ it’s become crystal clear how much Cannabis helped me pull it off back in the day. I could get lost in the music on stage or in the studio; pain couldn’t cut through that MMJ’s enabled trance, and without the depressive down of opiates to boot. Now I’m the kind of guy who rarely complains, so writing about all of this is somewhat outside of my belief system, but it has a purpose to state you are not alone. Anyone who asks me how I’m doing I reply “great” but that’s my blanket response. Don’t think for a moment I’m depressed or give me sympathy because I’m not depressed, and am truly blessed. I’ve simply found a way in fact that I want to share with others on their journey through pain and disability and I know this abstaining for the cause won’t last forever. In all likelihood I’d probably be safe getting my card again, with attorneys standing behind me. The worst case scenario I wait until my daughter becomes an adult in a few years and then become a criminal if we go backwards in legalization, but I think were about to turn a corner soon.


We need prop 205, us who fear Government agencies labeling us “addicts” simply for possession of an MMJ card and fear of what our Government agencies can do against us though we pose no harm to self or others. The self-righteous politicians and “family” court of opinion have driven many unnamed casualties of war to suicide.


And Blood is on the hands

of the prohibitionists squeezing

the trigger.


Howard was one of the most skilled outdoorsmen I knew, but he faced a perfect storm. One part family issues, one part being a State foster parent to many children, a number of whom he and his wife adopted and a whole heaping helping of how failed Back syndrome effected it all. He didn’t want the piles of Pain pills he was consuming but he was taking them, forced to and his unlawful use of MMJ affected the first two parts of the equation. The last part of my friend’s statement to us all is a gun to his head, another casualty of this war the politicians are ignorant to. Until reading this none of you knew of his existence and how many more Howards are there? How much blood is on the hands of the prohibitionists?

I’m a republican but not really, I’m really and independent an equal opportunity offender and I wrote a song called “Same B.S. Different pile” that Howard and his kids loved. One of my greatest concerts one time was in a 12×12 canvas tent around a wood-burning stove. That show was a packed house. Another friend of mine Emory Coons was also there recording the show. EM’s the maker of the Obsidian knife blade that Vin Diesel carried around in the movie Riddick for most of the show. Em’s disabled now too, wound up on my couch for quite some time after a mining accident here in Arizona which left him with serious injuries and unable to travel back to Oregon, but I digress. I think that was the year before Howard lost the man he was, in pain but still pulling it off.

I want to scream at anyone opposed to Prop 205 especially those within our camp opposing it on the basis of lies and propaganda; prop 205 is about prop 203’s holes being fixed. No agency will be able to see the forest through the trees or if metabolites come from MMJ or legal Recreational use, game over, checkmate. CPS wouldn’t be able to play their game on us any longer if it passes. The O’otham call whirlwinds “Savleak” that’s how its pronounced anyways and believe it to be their ancestors dancing across the desert. Before Howard passed to the other side, we were honoring another primitive skills and artist friend who passed suddenly from a heart attack. At his home, a huge whirlwind passed in our friends yard “look, there’s Phillip, Savleak!” Howard yelled, his kids ran dancing through it. He looked at me and said “man can you imagine going from one place to another in the blink of an eye”? My spiritual beliefs prevent me from the outcome Howard chose, but most importantly I have found a way through, if you ever get to that place where Howard eventually found himself, reach out again and make your thought know to a friend.

KPHO CBS News channel 5 ran a story on a Vet treating his PTSD with MMJ titled “questions raised over pro marijuana ad” it’s the ad where the Veteran said Cannabis saved his life. My late friend Mike Lewis, of whom my book will also be dedicated to, in addition to Trisha and Howard, Mike died of cancer fearing the VA taking away his benefits should he drug screen positive for MMJ.

People are just now starting to get that prop 205 is about MMJ, the news story in opposition to the ad didn’t report that Vets have to deal with other Governmental agencies such as Child protective service, social security etc. MPP advocated for the provisions of presidential directive va2011-004 as well as advocates such as myself, it isn’t the end all be all for vets but prop 205 is a move in the right direction and we will take the fight wherever it needs to go.

Vets and civilians are still labeled “addicts” under all Government programs and if prop 205 is passed no government agency would be able to discern if metabolites came from MMJ or recreational use. Previous to prop 203’s passage family court concluded my recreational use of marijuana did not affect my parenting; I however was not using it for recreational use but medically. Little did I know at that time I should have been happy that the court made no distinction it was for medical rather than recreational use. That distinction could have labeled me an addict after prop 203 passed, if it were for medical use.

I hear things have gotten better in the last couple years with Child services due to advocacy, and others may feel more comfortable than I, due to my advocacy. If I decide to use Cannabis again for it’s amazing medicinal benefit to my life, it will be under recreational legal use, As far as home growing if prop 205 passes, I’ll legally assist others with it, but not in my home, until it’s well settled.

My daughter informed me she is learning about drugs in School and now I think she is old enough to talk to about Cannabis. I asked her if she knew what marijuana was, she replied I know, “it’s a bad drug”, I replied hmm lol,,, Who told you that? “the police officer at school” time to have that talk.   My discussion with my daughter got me thinking of how a strategy of law enforcement in youth prevention may be backfiring. Maybe the message of youth prevention would be more palatable from us advocates instead of police officers. The biggest gateway of Cannabis to hard drugs, if it exists, is from a lie wrapped in the message “just say no to drugs”.

We hear all the time of Cannabis as being a gateway drug, for me tobacco was first and interestingly enough I think I was around 9 or 10. My first toke was at school in one of those huge concrete irrigation tubes, colorfully painted, right on the playground after school hours. Now the experts will tell you that tobacco use is tied to Cannabis use. I don’t smoke tobacco, didn’t like it’s effects right off the bat at 9 or 10, I was just trying to be cool. The experts will also tell you that teen use isn’t up because teen tobacco use is down but they will fail to add the highly popular and “cool” vape pens into the equation and again we see an honesty problem here.

If there is a gateway to hard drugs it’s that when a kid tries Cannabis from a “cool” peer it’s sold by a truth. The gateway is that the kids find out they are lied to and disbelieve that meth, heroine and crack are just as benign. I wish that all those years as a Teacher that I had the liberty to have totally honest discussions with my students without politics getting in the way. I think the time has come for us advocates to do more with local law enforcement and the Schools. As an advocate I was shocked as to how much my daughter already knew.

I told her, for some it is bad, but I believe Marijuana with it’s old name of Cannabis is medicine for things like pain but can also be like gambling in casinos. She floored me when she interrupted and said “My friends say the people down the street who live next to her have a card, so they smoke it and we can smell it when they are in their garage, it makes them laugh a lot” I obviously asked if she ever went to the house or close enough to the garage for a contact high of which she denied.

I then asked have you ever smelled it around me? She cocked her head, squinted her eyes and said “NO, why would you say that?” The point of that question to her was that now I’m out in the open with my advocacy one of her teachers or anyone for that matter could contact Child Services and state a concern. Did you know Child Services does not need your permission to interview your child at school? In fact that’s where it all goes down before they even set foot on your doorstep.

I was floored how much she learned from her friends and school, she’s only 11, we talked about Trish passing away. I told her she was addicted to pain pills, that I think it would have helped her and maybe she would be alive today if we had a law back then many of us fought for. I explained it isn’t for kids unless there is a really big need, because their brains are still developing but it’s an ancient medicine. It was time to tell her that I was an advocate for it, as a former Educator in good standing, it’s important we give kids the facts. She asked “Dad one day can I be and Advocate?”


So lets play

 Devils  Advocate,


To be effective at advocacy you have to play devils advocate with yourself. Honestly looking at a situation from all angles, trying to take yourself out of the situation allows you to expose flaws in your belief but also exposes opportunity for negotiation, especially in politics. We all know the saying you can’t please all of the people all of the time but you can please most of the people most of the time. It has been written that Albert Einstein asked his friend Niels Bohr, fellow founder of quantum mechanics whether he realistically believed that “the moon does not exist if nobody is looking at it”. To this Bohr replied that however hard that Einstein may try, he would not be able to prove that it does without looking.

I am just a drop of water in the ocean of advocates since 1937 to step forward out from the dark side of the moon into the light, this movement is much larger than us handed the baton in hopefully last leg of the race. The true hero’s are like “Tank Man” who at Tianamen Square stepped in front of the tank in protest, those who have wrongfully been convicted to prison or death for cultivating, advocating for, or merely using Cannabis, stand in the same reverence of “Tank Man”. China tried to remove “Tank Man’s” actions from history and evidence exists that he escaped with the help of another who stepped from the shadows as he was being beaten for being fed up? The Chinese government officials do not even know his name and in all likelihood this man is unaware of the ripple his actions caused.

So sad that we have infighting among us with so much to lose on the backs of so many. NORML has worked so hard over the years, drip, drip, dripping, like Chinese water torture against the prohibitionists. Hopefully in the near future NORML will cease to exist as it once did, being transformed into a historical monument of sorts, or living museum because it’s vision came to fruition.

Do you know the way prop 205 came about? It was sitting around a table tossing out the what if’s, debating the interests on each side of the topics, playing devils advocate. Those seasoned professionals had to kick around the topics to find the issues the majority of voters would be more likely to pass. Keep in mind this is one big experiment of State successes and failures. Colorado’s mistakes in many instances are covered in prop 205. I’ve tried to engage in open minded discussions and debate with some recreational and MMJ advocates who frankly seem to put their fingers in their ear when pressed with facts or just start shouting and pivoting from this to that.

Some have motives they do not wish to expose, some even wishing to keep things criminal in nature for self-enrichment. Another group seek a utopia pipe dream it seems. Now a utopia pipe dream isn’t bad, I’ve had them as well quite often, looking at nature and wondering why the hell we all just cant get along. I’d love everyone to be happy with all the provisions of marijuana laws or none whatsoever. No penalty, total decriminalization, I mean nada. Yeah that sounds great, but it isn’t ever going to be an option before the second coming, can I get an Amen. Obviously we must play devils advocate with ourselves and in doing so thinking of others.

I met an advocate named Chaz Call recently while he was handing out information about prop 205, and at the same time got to speak with Maricopa County Attorney challenger Diego Rodriguez informing him about the compassionate side of prop 205. Mr. Rodriguez stated he would put an end to the antics of the current administration and do what he could at the legislature if prop 205 should fail. I was really impressed with him and will give him my vote even though I’m a Republican. After a short conversation with Chaz, I recognized immediately he spent a bit of time playing devils advocate with himself. I decided to interview him and was really impressed by his speaking ability and grasp of the facts. Most importantly he was still plugging away after being targeted, not surprisingly by some within the pro Cannabis activist community in opposition to prop 205.


Chaz claimed he was first opposed to prop 205 and aligned with another popular group, but got kicked out for simply asking the wrong questions and he still continues playing devils advocate. A law professor once told me “trust but verify” and In the process Chaz found the facts by keeping an open mind, being realistic and not giving up when shunned. I think we are going to see some more great things from this young man and would encourage all sides to allow respectful and meaningful debate on social media without pushing the delete button of censorship.

So what are the arguments with Prop 205

are they legit and if so

can they be fixed?


I see some movement in the right direction with the anti prop 205 MJ advocates, I have personally offered my support for their just issue of freeing our MJ political prisoners. Chaz and many prop 205 supporters believe in that just cause as well. But we must ask ourselves an honest question, if all MJ prisoners are freed does that mean nobody will step outside reasonable restrictions if regulation of Cannabis is passed? No. Does it mean there should be no penalty in the future, No. But one of the gripes with prop 205 that I can get behind is it didn’t include Affirmative Defense provisions to release prisoners like prop 203 did with ARS 36-2812 of which magically disappeared from the legislature though I didn’t vote for it to be removed. One such arts activist friend of mine got busted for weed possession visiting from Alaska, he was doing a 2 year sentence here when prop 203 was passed and was freed under ARS 36-2812 that now no longer exists because of magic. I guess the prison industrial complex and courts felt they would go broke.

Why are warnings on hemorrhoid creams which state “not for oral ingestion”, or “hair dryers not to be used while taking a bath or shower?” because somebody did something stupid. Now as with those products we don’t ban them or ban cars because some people are stupid and don’t follow the rules or respect of others rights.

A foundation of our Country is the premise that we were all created equal, this is true but after the gun sounds the race begins, some move to the front and some fall behind for a host of reasons. Some people should be locked away from others, those not respecting peoples right to life, liberty and pursuits of happiness, hell I’d like to see a few politicians tossed in prison as well. We have slavery going on in America still that nobody talks about, right in front of our noses, we don’t have to look to 3rd world countries. Ours isn’t based on race but sex trade, thugs, gangs who think they own someone depriving them of their Constitutional God given rights. Cops and politicians need to focus on the real crime that statistics demonstrate they aren’t doing a good job of, though they believe they are.


Here are some complaints I’ve heard with prop 205:


Smoke shops will go out of business from selling marijuana accessories: Ok for one thing cities could create such an ordinance if they so chose if prop 205 failed, as in right now as well if they wanted to. We all know of ordinances that prevented us from going into a tobacco shop and saying “hey man I want a bong for smoking my weed”. Come on, weak argument and besides prop 205 does have explicit, easy to understand protections that nobody seems to write about. The language of prop 205 even enable you to go into business making the “accessories” if you so choose, more business opportunity.

36-2851 Not withstanding any other law, except as otherwise provided in this chapter or rules adopted pursuant to this chapter, A person who is at least 21 years of age is authorized and it is lawful in this State and may not be used as the basis for prosecution, penalty or seizure or forfeiture of assets, to posses, use, transport, deliver, MANUFACTURE or purchase marijuana accessories, OR DISTRIBUTE OR SELL MARIJUANA ACCESSORIES to a person who is at least 21 years of age.


Landlords can prevent me from smoking Cannabis at my residence: I recently heard this one on the radio and the attorney pointed to prop 203 protections if one wished to be protected. However it clearly does limit the consumption in government housing but a landlord or manager in my personal interpretation would have to show me how he or she would be denied a benefit from the Federal government. You will note “or any political subdivision of this state” does that imply a public building in a subdivision? Or a “residence” in a subdivision?


36-2852 section D This chapter does not prohibit a person from prohibiting or otherwise regulating the possession or consumption of marijuana and marijuana products on or in property the person owns, manages or leases if EITHER;


  1. The property is a public building that is held or owned by this state or any political subdivision of this state.
  2. Failing to prohibit the possession or consumption of marijuana or marijuana products would cause the person who owns, manages or leases the property to lose a monetary or licensing-related benefit under federal law or regulation.


Landlords can say I can’t grow my 6 plants. Yes true, but the reason is that it’s been tried with prop 203, some landlords renting their places out got burned by people rewiring for large grows, devaluing their houses with mold, water damage and electrical issues, among others. Sadly most growers were of no issue taking responsible precautions but those hair dryer in the bathtub people ruined it for us, in that “experiment”.   MPP listened to advocates that they wanted cultivation rights back, taken away by the flying crow in prop 203, when the dispensary slavery began. Keep in mind the heart of NORML’s existence has been fighting for responsible home cultivation.

MPP being the offshoot from original NORML organizers always fought for home cultivation rights, if we can grow tobacco, brew beer and wine why not? Prop 205 gives us cultivation rights in a reasonable manner, actually you won’t find the word cultivation as it applies to “home growing” because cultivation in prop 205 was brilliantly described as an “entity” separating it from commercial application interpretation. Home growers will also benefit the economy by increasing the home sales in Arizona and that’s a good thing. If we see a lease for a house that states “no marijuana growing”, much like the warnings to concealed carry persons on a store front “no guns permitted”, a choice to comply or don’t is made, do business there or not.

But first I would write a letter to the landlord stating I have a great deal of experience (or consulting with an expert), it’s only a few plants, safeguards for the property will be taken and I’m willing to be transparent. Maybe you could negotiate growing fewer plants or a plant deposit, but it’s the American way to respect others property.


I cant do a grow op, it’s a whole conspiracy against the little guy; No grow ops, of which was the focus of much law enforcement interest with prop 203. It is spelled out however, that you can assist others with no penalty of law. So the spirit of the home grower portion is we can assist friends, neighbors, especially our disabled friends and family in horticulture therapy. Way less security risk just growing a few plants of which without the sales being permitted eliminates the cash tempting robbery.


Dwi and Dui arrests will skyrocket under prop 205.


I found this one tossed at me to be quite interesting since at the Issues and Answers Forum On Sept 13, 2016 Bill Montgomery complained that he would have a hard time getting convictions because of the metabolite clause. Now we know the old saying “you can beat the rap but not the ride, I’d rather beat the rap.

36-2860 B. “A person may not be penalized by the State for ANY action taken while under the influence of marijuana or a marijuana product SOLY because of the presence of metabolites or components of marijuana in the persons body or in the urine, blood, saliva, hair or other tissue or fluid of the persons body.” This is reasonable due to metabolites staying in the system extremely long times after someone is no longer under the influence, does that mean cops cant make arrests and get convictions, NO. If you get pulled over, roll the window down and pot smoke rolls from the window, you’re going to have a problem.