Action: Court Support for a Cannabis Defendant
Location: Central Court Tower (2nd Ave & Jefferson, PHX), Judge Harrison’s courtroom (no relation)
Time: Wed. Sept. 12, 845am
Case: Dr. Allen Harrison is in his 7th year of fighting a 2012 medical marijuana arrest and potentially facing two Class 4 Felony charges ( up to 2yrs per charge). A former chiropractor, Dr. Harrison has remained an active member of the cannabis community while awaiting trial. He has previously volunteered repeatedly to join in court support. When it came to a way to support him, creating Court Support for his case seems like the obvious choice.
Court Hearing: Final Pretrial Management Conference (trial currently Sept.18)
Court Support Activism: Is a way for the public to show support for a defendant during their trial by being a supportive respectful audience. Supporters are asked to dress nicely and sit quietly and respectfully through the trial; then stand if asked, “Who is here today to support this defendant?” It is a powerful moment that can change the direction of a trial.
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