Despite recent polling that forecasts failure for Florida’s Amendment 2, a new poll conducted on behalf of the measure’s backers says it is supported by 62 percent of potential voters. Amendment 2 would alter the Sunshine State’s constitution to make Florida the first southern state to legalize medical marijuana.

Earlier this week, Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Garvis Marketing, pronounced Amendment 2 dead, saying his group’s survey found it has 50 percent support (42 percent oppose it, 8 percent undecided). To become a part of the state’s constitution, the measure needs 60 percent voter approval.

“Medical marijuana is done, it will not pass” said Kaplan Monday.

But a poll released Tuesday afternoon by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research showed 62 percent support for Amendment 2 among potential voters. That poll, paid for by United For Care, the measure’s booster, was conducted Oct. 22 through Oct. 27. The Gravis poll was conducted Oct. 22 through Oct. 24.

Each poll asked its respondents different questions. The Anzalone Liszt Grove poll used the words from the ballot, while other polls have summarized the ballot language.

The group of potential voters Gravis contacted included higher percentages of whites, Republicans and older people than Florida’s eligible voter population to better simulate those it believes are most likely vote on Nov. 4, based on its interpretation of historic voter participation.

Ben Pollara, the director of the United For Care efforts, is encouraged by the results of the Anzalone Liszt Grove survey, which show the measure surpassing the 60 percent threshold.

“This poll demonstrates a continued upward swing — attributable to recent endorsements by major papers across the state as well as a substantial increase in our outreach to voters,” said Pollara.

Stay tuned.

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