Though we would like to commend the dedicated work of Safer Arizona in trying to launch a 2018 cannabis legalization campaign, prudent planning tells us we must prepare for the possibility of having to be part of a 2020 initiative.
With that in mind, AZ-NORML has begun meetings w multiple key players in AZ cannabis reform including CRMLA, AZFMR, PCC, MITA, LEAP, Safer Arizona and national NORML itself, hopefully to mind a few fences  and craft the best, most widely supported cannabis initiative possible. With that in mind, please familiarize yourself with this list of areas of personal rights cannabis initiatives, like 2016’s #Prop205, try to address.

Major Areas of Concern in T&R Adult Use Initiatives

  1. Home Cultivation Rights
  2. Public Possession
  3. Home cultivated possession and overall at home possession
  4. Age
  5. Paraphernalia
  6. Professional Certification protection
  7. Parenting rights (custody & divorce)
  8. Tinctures and other types of allowed concentrates
  9. Allowed types of at-home extraction
  10. Concentrate possession limits
  11. Criminal penalties for possession levels
  12. Criminal penalties for excessive cultivation
  13. Criminal penalties for distribution (sales)
  14. Board of Marijuana Composition
  15. General rules regarding “reorganized” MMJ dispensaries access to adult use licenses
  16. Protecting the MMJ program and increasing patient allotment levels
  17. % of tax
  18. Distribution of taxes (for example: 50% to education, 30% to public health, 20% to law enforcement reeducation with a sunset clause)
  19. Rights of landlords
  20. Rights of employers
  21. Rights of municipalities
  22. Rights of schools and other government properties
  23. Minors
  24. Post-Conviction Relief
  25. Social Consumption business
  26. Independent Testing Licensure
  27. Delivery services
  28. DUI and possession in vehicles
  29. Caregivers
  30. Public consumption and display
What’s YOUR position on these probable provisions?
Contact AZ-NORML w your suggestions and proposals. Take a part in shaping the future:
Phone: 928-234-5633
Attend our monthly NORML meeting 1st Tuesday of the month 7pm DL Lodge 1344 e Indian School PHX