Arizona NORML is proud to announce our testing bill, SB1494, has passed both houses of the legislature and  been signed by Governor Doug Ducey. In the process, the key provisions of our rural dispensaries bill (SB1286) were moved out of 1286 and added to 1494, so we’ve won both issues with the one bill.

That success was the 6th testing bill we worked with in the past three years and it’s ultimate victory was the result of 9 stakeholder meetings, five amendment packages, dozens of patient emails and phone calls to their legislators, constant negotiations  and renegotiation through all of the final four days, and wasn’t a sure thing until that very last vote. In typical AZ Leg’ fashion, the bill was one the the last bills passed in the last hour of the last day of the session. At 1150!
You can read about the governor’s signing here, and read about the bill’s passage and provisions here.
The session is done. In six years of trying, last year’s hemp bill was our first victory. This year AZ-NORML helped pass three MMJ reform bills and a hemp bill.
AND, we also enjoyed a hard-fought victory with Supreme Court decision on the Jones Case as well.
I am so thrilled and humbled to play such a part in this process. For years the legislators had worked against AZ patients. Now, for the first time, AMMA has been amended to make our lives better, not worse.
THX to all of you who helped make this possible.
Onto 2020!