Arizona Norml had another successful and productive meeting June 5th at the DL Lounge with tons of new faces! We started the meeting with introductions and then got right into our agenda! We started by discussing National Norml’s call to create a scorecard of political candidates nationally and locally based on their views and positions on cannabis and our role as a chapter in contributing, as well as announcing the national Norml conference in D.C. July 22-24. Jack Wilburn, our LEAP liaison, updated us on Americans for Safe Access and the upcoming hearing next Wednesday to add Autism to the qualifying conditions list for medical cannabis access. Mikel, our executive director updated us on the results from this past session, our major victory being the legalization of (industrial grown) hemp in Arizona! Jen Gote, our deputy director, updated us on the Protect the Patients program, which is continuing to fight for patients rights and currently looking for a bookkeeper. Jim Morrison, DL Lounge owner got us excited for the 7/10 Errl Cup, which is going to be bigger than ever and is currently looking for judges! Register online to judge and in advance to attend in order to save you wait time at the event. Jennifer Doe spoke about her inspiring journey currently battling pancreatic cancer and beating odds, and her upcoming Meals on Wheels project that will deliver safe and healthy meals and medication for cancer patients, which she will be raising money for by a courageous Grand Canyon walk in October. A representative from the Phonenix Cannabis Colaition spoke about their program as well as their goals for the upcoming 2020 push for legalization. Mikel showed us a starting list of the areas of concern to be addressed in the bill, which we all discussed. It is so amazing to be a part of such an amazing community and hearing so many voices, make sure you get your voice heard regarding legalization and the cannabis community attend our next meeting July 3rd at 7pm at the DL Lounge!


-Madison Grey

Arizona Norml 2018 Secratary


Attend our monthly NORML meeting 1st Tuesday of the month 7pm DL Lodge 1344 e Indian School PHX

There is no fee to attend. It is open to the public.