One of the more inspiring volunteers we have worked with lately is US Navy veteran, Tony Landry. A medical marijuana refugee who moved to AZ for access to cannabis to treat his PTSD, Landry has become a fixture in several activist organizations and taken a leadership role in Tucson’s Veteran United for Cannabis. On Feb 7, Landry and his wife Michelle joined our contingent for lobby day and met with several legislators to tell his story and to speak up for HB2149, Rep Tony Rivero’s cannabis definitions bill, designed to solve AZ’s concentrates crisis. That bill will be heard in committee Wed. Feb. 20 at 9am. Tony and Michelle Landry are going to make the drive however to be sure they ask the House Public Safety to vote YES on HB2149. To prepare Landry sent us this letter, which we are sending to the legislators and sharing w you.

Good morning members of the committee, my name is Tony Landry. Having served in the navy for 6 years, I am now a service-connected disabled veteran. I am here today representing Veterans United for Cannabis, located in Tucson. I ask for your support in approving hb2149. A yes vote on this bill will be a yes vote for Arizona Veterans.

The wounds of war are not always visible and oftentimes a veteran’s only relief from chronic pain or PTSD, is while sleeping. AZ veterans have been in a hard fight for 20 years both abroad and here at home. Tours of duty come to an end, but the battle within rages on. Returning veterans suffer with chronic pain and PTSD at much higher rates than civilians.

When a veteran is awakened by severe pain or traumatic flash backs, a concentrated from of cannabis is the quickest and most affective way to get relief. Is it absolutely necessary to add yet another obstacle to a veteran’s right to seek relief from such debilitating conditions? Does the fear of being arrested and incarcerated for possession of concentrates contribute to the wellbeing and security of a veteran’s ability to lead a healthy and productive life?

I myself face this very fear. My wife and I recently sold everything we owned and moved to Tucson in order to reap the benefits of your robust medical marijuana program here in Arizona only to find out that I could face jail time for the use of concentrates. I humbly ask you to please support Arizona Veterans by supporting hb2149.


Tony Landry, USN, retired