It was truly an honor to sit down with one of the new up and coming infusion chefs Chef Laura. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and found CBD to help treat her addiction to alcohol, PTSD, anxiety and depression. My discussion with her lead me down her journey from finding CBD Vapes to her first-time smoking flower with THC.

When the plant is used to its fullest potential it has so many healing capabilities. Chef Laura uses full CBD flower when infusing her edibles. It was incredible to learn how the full flower when infused, will not only provide CBD, but also any other cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in the raw flower. Most companies today use isolate concentrates to make their products, which are often stripped of their other components beside THC or CBD. But to get the full “entourage effect” it is very important to make use of all the cannabinoids and terpenes not just focus on one.

Chef Laura, photo by Tamiko Yoshimura

Laura has a CBD line of many sweet treats that are full-flower infused. She also teaches classes for patients to learn the process, so they always know what’s in their medicine. It’s very important as a patient to know what’s in our medicine. With so many food allergies today, Laura teaches how to make your own recipes with your specific health concerns in mind. Along with taking her class she offers access to her online step by step process.

Her two boys are so happy that they have a happy and healthy mom. Along with chef Laura’s success with CBD use, her children eat a CBD gummy daily to assist with calming their nerves and being able to focus in school. Their teacher even told Laura she saw great improvement with her children’s attention span and performance. When knowing the truth and use of the hemp or cannabis plant, so many ailments can be cured.

Breaking a negative stigma on the plants has been so hard for years. But with the truth coming to light on the many healing properties of the plants, it was incredible to learn how to infuse my own edibles. A true infusion vs isolate concentrate or sprayed-on concentrate will always have so many more healing abilities. Love the whole plant.

Tamiko Yoshimura is the author of 420 Topics and Reviews